The Fisk Masters Bonus

Automatic Admissions at half price:

Students who complete their Fisk education in four years with above a 3.0 GPA will be granted automatic admission into any of the following Fisk Masters programs.

  • Social Justice
  • Psychology
  • Executive Leadership*
  • Healthcare Management

*(pending SACSCOC approval)

*(Admission into these programs is based on availability and no outstanding balance)

Fisk University offers an array of unprecedented opportunities.

This Fisk Masters Bonus program is just one of these unique opportunities. Fisk has launched this half-price pathway program in order to further expand upon our commitment to delivering the highest return on investment of any University.

Our goal is to put you in the best possible position upon graduation from starting salaries and outstanding careers to graduate and professional schools.

Not only is Fisk offering a Master's at half the cost to its students after completing their undergraduate degree, but Fisk has also developed programs to give every student a competitive advantage regardless of their major or career path.

With an ever-changing and increasingly global world, it is crucial to be prepared. Fisk’s liberal arts education teaches you to appreciate and inhabit different perspectives, which will serve you extremely well in the path to leadership. A graduate degree will increase those opportunities and we look forward to hearing from you.


“I followed the 4-year pledge and I graduated with Honors. Having a defined plan was critical to my pursuit of law school and Fisk was a wonderful platform for me to realize my dream of becoming a healthcare attorney.”

We are Fisk.